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Please consider joining our team. If you can't be in Denver to walk with us, we would be most grateful for your donation.

Meet our team:

Andrea Borondy-Kitts, our team captain, lost her beloved husband, Dan, to lung cancer. Andrea's passion is lung cancer screening. Her Twitter handle is @findlungcancer.

Deana Hendrickson lost her mother, Rita, to lung cancer. Deana is a co-founder of #LCSM (Lung Cancer Social Media) Chat and is active on Twitter as @lungcancerfaces.

Janet Freeman-Daily is a Stage IV ROS1 lung cancer patient, and co-founder of #LCSM Chat. She has been NED (no evidence of disease) for nearly 3 years, thanks to crizotinib, a targeted therapy for her genetic mutation. Find her on Twitter at @JFreemanDaily.

Karen "K" Latzka is a Stage 3A squamous lung cancer survivor. Find her on Twitter at @LungCancerHawai.


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